Sculpture by Nick Lamb

My work primarily reflects my interest in the natural world. Though especially drawn to raptors I am fascinated by all life forms. My aim is to capture the inner essence of the subject through expression and movement whilst trying to maintain a light touch.
Home 1948 Born. Cambridge, England.
Bronze 1965-68 Trained as a graphic designer at the Berkshire College of Art, England.
Stone 1973 Started woodcarving for pleasure.
Wood 1983 "Woodworker" show-gold medal and Best in Show.
email Nick 1983 Was commisioned to carve my first netsuke by a private collector.
  1984 "Woodworker" show-gold medal.
  1988 Became a full-time wood sculptor
  1994 Four netsuke and four ojime were selected for the "Treasured Miniatures" exhibition at the British Museum and latter at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
  1995 Moved to U.S.A.
  1995 Several netsuke and ojime included in an exhibition at the Salt and Tobacco Museum, Tokyo, Japan.
  1997 Several pieces included in "Contemporary Netsuke: Miniature Sculpture from Japan and Beyond" at the Bowers Museum, Santa Anna, CA.
  1997 Work included in an exhibition at the Museum of East Asian Art, Berlin, Germany.
  1997 Started making larger sculptures and exhibiting them at the Stewart Kummer Gallery,Gualala, CA.
  1998 Work included in "The Japanese Art of Miniature Carving" at the Minneapolis Intitute of Art, MN.
  1999 Netsuke included in an exhibition at the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University, NY.
  2001 Netsuke and ojime in an exhibition at the Chiba City Museum of Art, Chiba, Japan.
  2003 Contemporary Netsuke: The HIH Prince Takamado Collection", Salt and Tobacco Museum, Tokyo, Japan.
  2004 My first bronze, "Merlin" selected for "North American Sculpture Exhibition", Golden, CO.
  2007 Two netsuke selected for inclusion in an exhibition at the Museum of Art and Design, New York, NY.
  2013 Was elected to the membership of the National Sculpture Society.
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